Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring is Definately in the Air

Every yard in Banner and Calhoun County has something interesting. Several people that live there are elderly and this has been their home for many years. Over time they have planted, grafted, imported, and tested many variety of flowers and trees. Like a whole lot of things, the tried and true traditional plants are the most beautiful. It begins with the yellow flowers peeking thru on these cold chilly mornings. We can not imagine it is time for spring, but at our house that is the first signal. Soon we start to see Jonquil's budding, and green onions sprouting. Tulips were next. Then at last the real sign of SPRING....Dogwoods and Red bud trees. On my daily commute from Oxford, I think I have the privilege of seeing some of the most beautiful landscapes. How could anyone not believe and appreciate the beauty of these beautiful colors springing up all over. This week I have verbena blooming as well as iris. I am no means a garden or yard person. But I do not what I like to see. I hope people will take the time to take the back roads around Banner and Calhoun County and just enjoy the beautiful scenery that is abundant. Until my next wild hair.....Take an afternoon and just RIDE!!!! I'd be willing to be if you'd just be respectful and ask, some of these ladies would love to show you their gardens and share the beautiful plants for your yard too. Let me know where you have seen some new and beautiful blooming yards....I want to liik to. The first person who responds to this will have a yard prize on the way.