Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year at Banner

We all take for granite what we have in life. As I look at the 2009 New Year, I know that we have a great life. Our family is near, close, and we all care deeply for each other. Does not mean that situations are difficult, but that is what makes us unique. Our families are healthy. None of us are "wealthy" when it comes to money, but we have wealth in each other. Not many families have all that we have. For this I am so grateful and blessed. We have safe places to live, we all have jobs, our children are healthy and adjusted, and most of all we have freedom to live as we enjoy. Banner is a place off Highway 9W, that if you blink you'll miss. Now don't get confused, it is 9W, not 9 Highway. It is filled with history & good neighbors that look out for each other. None of us do the traditional visiting, that used to occur, but we all look out for one another. We have a small store, several churches, a cemetary, pet cemetary, easy access to many locations, land around us, wildlife, trees, pets and varmits, you name it, and we probably have it. People go and come each day, watch out for each other, check on each other, and ocassionally visit. We have all a good life....Nope, WE HAVE A GREAT LIFE!!! Happy 2009.