Monday, March 23, 2009

This is What Friends ARE For

I know that sounds pretty corny, but truly, you know you have very special friends, when you can go for days, months, and sometimes years and never talk. Then out of the blue, there they are, and it's like you just saw them yesterday. This past month has been full of those little blurps that happpen along life's way.

First, I had an email, that I almost did not open. You know with all the spam filters, scares of viruses, etc., you are never sure what to really read and what to cull. But something led me to think I should at least take a look. It was from a friend who I had known briefly, during the "Splinter Tech Days." If you don't know what that is, it's not important. But, this person was on a mission to re-unite some friends from college. We were all young, on our first venture to live away from home, not knowing where life would send us, or with who? As it turned out this person had also connected with another mutual friend. The last time we had talked was all most 20 years ago. then, whala...the phone rang. She had seen the email about the same time I had. It was such a blessing.

Second, this same person who is coordinating all the reunion, told several of us about some books he had recently authored. I was looking for something to read, so I ordered the first in a series. I read it cover to cover, in just hours. If your interested, it is "Encounters" by Stan Brewer. As it turned out, it is a christian novel, but when you really know our friends, it's more autobography than a novel. I'm so ready to have time to actually read the next three he has published. Imagine reading something that your a little familiar with, isn't full of vulgar and cursing, keeps your attention, but has some very thought prevoking ideas. It certainly has validated a lot of my thoughts.

Then this weekend, late on Sat., the phone rings again. It is a friend, who because of family circumstances with both parties, can't always have time to have a "girls night out." We try to have lunch as often as we can, but we seem to always have family stuff, that superceeds or fun time. But she had been in Memphis and gone to see a Musical Comedy at the Orphuem. She said we just "had" to work out a way for us to go on Sunday, and see it together. She assurend me it was a comedy, but we would be not only laughing at it, but ourselves as well. So, my dear husband, agreed to ride with me to Memphis, drop me off, and occupy his time, so I could have so me and together time with one of my very best friends. We certainly had a great time, and some really good, down in the gut, take your breath away, laughs. It's amazing what just a few minutes of laughter and time for yourself, can do to re-kindle the spirit.

As everyday passes, there are so many tragic moments happening all around us. I am so grateful to have family, friends and co -workers. We all can support each other thru thick and thin. We all seem to know when to let life roll along, and when to just "make that call." Today, don't let another minute go by. Stop and make that call and have a good laugh. Open up your eyes and your heart. Read, relax, laugh, and enjoy the Spring. You'll realize then, that life is grand, and "that's what friends are for." Is'n technology grand?