Wednesday, December 24, 2008

New Christmas Tradition

Today has turned into a new Camp tradition. For all the years I have known Ted, we have had all his family gather at his mothers home for the day. She has Alzsheimer's, so the past two years have been very difficult physically and mentally for all. We decided this year, since our boys are grown and will not all be home that day, and looking for something that would decrease stress for us all, it was a good time to break tradition. We started the day as usual. We had lunch on a small scale, with Ted his mother (Muz) and Jason. I got out the good china, and we treated ourselves to lunch, a little more formal. We all enjoyed it and it turned out to be a peaceful meal. She realizes at some moments there is something going on different, but most hours has no clue what is happening around her. She and I made cinnamon rolls for our neighbors. That was something we could do together, and not be a task that was so difficult. We're enjoying a mice lazy afternoon, taking turns napping and enjoying the day. We are blessed to have family and freinds, and that is what it is all about.

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